Attractions in Bahamas

Many attractions & Must See in Bahamas

As could be expected on a set of Caribbean islands, many of the best attractions in the Bahamas are set outside or in the water. From sailing to swimming with dolphins, a true wonderland of beach and outdoor delights awaits any visitor to this beautiful archipelago. In addition, because of its history as a British colony, there are a number of historical and religious Bahamas attractions, most of which are located on its main islands, Grand Bahama, Paradise Island and New Providence Island.

Atlantis Resort

This massive resort on Paradise Island is one of the most popular attractions in the Bahamas. More than just a hotel, the resort consists of several towers that offer various types of accommodation, as well as a large casino, which hosts numerous concerts. The real draw of the resort, though, are its collection of water attractions, including Aquaventure, a 750 million liter water park with slides, rivers, rapids and wave pools. There are also several water slides that shoot off the hotel towers themselves, as well as The Dig, a large aquarium under the hotel’s lobby.

Snorkeling and Diving

The Bahamian archipelago consists of so many islands and cays that snorkeling and diving is one of the most popular activities here. On the larger islands and cities, there are outfitters who can arrange diving excursions and snorkeling tours, and there are plenty of places in the Bahamas to become a certified scuba diver. Among the best Bahamas islands for diving and snorkeling are Bimini, Paradise Island and Andros.

Dolphin Encounters

Blue Lagoon Island; +1 (242) 363-1003;
Located on its own private island, Blue Lagoon Island, Dolphin Encounters is an interactive animal experience that allows visitors to get up close to and even swim with dolphins. The island has a natural lagoon that has been turned into a safe dolphin habitat, and the organization works to protect and preserve the special species of bottlenose dolphins that live here, as well as a group of sea lions that were stranded after Hurricane Katrina in 2006.

Lucayan National Park

At this well-preserved nature park, you can see another side of the Bahamas - its caves, pine forests and thick ferns, as well as its numerous mammals and other animals, including bats. Though not what visitors typically think of when they imagine a Bahamas attraction, Lucayan National Park is well worth a visit, especially for its system of underground caves, which is among the longest in the world. Visitors can also kayak through mangrove swamps and explore the thick forests via manmade walkways, and there are also several secluded beaches that make for a nice picnic lunch or stroll.

Bacardi Distillery

Bacardi and Carmichael Roads, Nassau; +1 (242) 362-1412
Nothing says Caribbean quite like good rum, and Bacardi is among the world’s most famous rum producers. It is possible to tour through their rum distillery in Nassau, which includes several rum samples and a walking tour through the facility to learn how rum is made. Amazingly, tours of the Bacardi Distillery in the Bahamas are offered for free, but reservations are required and tours are only offered at 11a.m. and 2p.m. each day.

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