Beaches Bahamas


Find the best beaches in Bahamas

Since the Bahamas consist of so many islands and cays, there are literally thousands of Bahamas beaches to choose from. Almost anywhere you go in the Bahamas, you’re sure to find amazing beaches to relax or play on.

Pink Sands Beach

The secluded and often overlooked Harbour Island is home to beaches with literally pink sand. The sand is made up of a combination of coral, calcium and broken shells and gets its pinkish hue from a microscopic species of shellfish that boast a pink shell. This Bahamas beach is the perfect place for a secluded getaway, far from the busy resorts of the larger islands.

Cable Beach

In 1907, the Trans-Atlantic Cable arrived to this formerly unnamed beach in Nassau, giving it the moniker “Cable Beach”. Today, Cable Beach is one of the most popular and busy beaches in the Bahamas. It is lined by numerous upscale resorts and features restaurants and cafes, and is popular with the rich and famous.

Treasure Cay Beach

This laid back Bahamas beach was also the site of the first landing of British Loyalists who came to the islands to flee the American Revolutionary War. The beach became one of the Bahamas’ first vacation spots and has remained a favorite ever since. Located on Abaco Island, the beach is known for its sand, which always stays cool, even under hot summer sun.

Cabbage Beach

Another one of the most popular Bahamas beaches is Cabbage Beach, located on Paradise Island. The beach is adjacent to numerous resorts and hotels, so it is often crowded with sun bathers and swimmers, but it is nonetheless a wonderful, wide sandy beach with plenty of water activities and facilities.

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