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It is fairly uncommon to rent a car in the Bahamas, largely because most tourists choose to arrive by air or cruise ship and stay within one resort complex for the entirety of their stay. Almost every resort and hotel in the Bahamas is connected to that island’s airport by free or paid shuttle bus services, making it easy to get back and forth from your arriving flight. Similarly, most resorts offer free shuttles to nearby or connected golf courses and beaches, and tours of the island’s activities, like snorkeling and diving, make renting a car in the Bahamas unnecessary. There is also a system of local buses known as “jitneys”, which carry passengers around the islands very cheaply.

If you do choose to rent a car in the Bahamas, you should remember that the British legacy in the Bahamas means that driving is done on the left side of the road in a right-hand drive car. Bahamian drivers are also known for being erratic on the roads, so watch out for cars doing unusual things like overtaking at strange places, stopping for a chat with a friend or other activity. Be sure to drive defensively.

If arriving by air, you can pick up a Bahamas rental car at the airports in Freeport or Nassau. Several local car hire companies offer reasonable prices on Bahamas rental cars, such as K.S.R. Rent-A-Car Company and Rental Car Momma.


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