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Each year, thousands of tourists travel to the Bahamas, a group of islands located in the Caribbean Community, southeast of the Florida coast. The Bahamas consist of 29 islands, along with hundreds of cays and islets, which together form one of the most popular tourism archipelagos in the world. Originally settled by native Lucayan people, the Bahamas have an incredible history. They were the purported landing sight of Christopher Columbus and much of the islands’ story includes the intrigue of swashbuckling pirates, including the notorious Blackbeard. During the 1700s, the Bahamas became a British crown colony and were used for slave trade, owing to the islands’ large population of people of West African descent today. The Bahamas became an independent nation in 1973 and are still a member of the British Commonwealth, maintaining allegiance to the Queen but operating on their own independent political system.

Today, the Bahamas is a thriving tourist destination. Bahamas travel is sought out for its famous pink sand beaches, relaxed atmosphere and colorful culture. It is an especially easy destination from the United States and, with its currency, the Bahamian Dollar, tied 1:1 to the US Dollar, the Bahamas are a popular destination especially among Americans seeking a sunny getaway. The best way to reach the Bahamas is via short flights that operate daily from South Florida, especially Miami, although the most popular way to travel to the Bahamas is by cruise ship.

The main islands of the Bahamas are Grand Bahama, New Providence Island and Paradise Island. The former two islands are home to the nation’s largest cities, Freeport and Nassau (the latter of which is the national capital). Most people travel to the Bahamas via one of the many Caribbean cruises that operate through the archipelago each day. Cruise travel in the Bahamas is so popular, in fact, that several of the major cruise companies maintain ownership or leases on some of the smaller islands, offering a private island experience to their passengers.

A visit to the Bahamas is one filled with outdoor delights. As could be expected in any island destination, the Bahamas’ main draw is its multitude of beaches, which range from quiet coves to party strips. With the existence of so many beautiful beaches come plenty of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, many of them water-based, such as surfing, sailing and diving. Inland, the islands of the Bahamas are also less mountainous than other tropical islands of its size and style. The lack of thick jungle here means that other nature-based activities, such as horseback riding and hiking, are also popular among visitors and locals alike.

Most Bahamas travel itineraries begin with a trip to the beach to soak up some sun, which is plentiful here since the country has a subtropical climate that is warm year-round. Many of the Bahamas’ resorts and hotels offer easy access to the beach, as most are scattered along the edges of the islands, offering ocean views and soft sands to visitors.

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