Bahamas Nightlife, Restaurants and Cafes


Bahamas Restaurants and Cafes

Like any great island destination, the Bahamas’ nightlife and restaurant scene is very active, with lots of choices for all types of international visitors. The Bahamas has its own style of cuisine, which, unsurprisingly, is heavily infused with seafood. If you want to try some local Bahamian food while you are here, be sure to sample the national dish: conch, a mollusk that is served deep fried with peas and rice. Likewise, the traditional “fish fry” is like a Bahamian barbecue, where locally caught fish is fried up at a stand or small restaurant and served with a choice of side dishes. If you’d like to sample some truly local cuisine in Nassau, check out The Shoal Restaurant and Lounge (Nassau St., Nassau, New Providence Island; +1 (242) 323-4200), where you can eat perfectly cooked fish alongside locals.

For international cuisine, there are a number of choices. Many Bahamas restaurants specialize in catering all types of international dishes, and many of these restaurants are located in the large resorts and in the Bahamas’ main cities, like Nassau and Freeport. For example, Luciano’s (Port Lucaya Marketplace, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island; +1 (242) 373-9100; serves classic fine French food fused with Bahamian dishes in a very elegant surrounding overlooking Port Lucaya and the water.

The Bahamas has a welcoming and friendly nightlife scene, with plenty of colorful local music and dance, as well as numerous international bars and pubs that offer a variety of drinks. You’ll want to sample the local rums while you’re in the Bahamas, or perhaps imbibe the oh-so-famous Bahama Mama, a cocktail consisting of several types of rum, coffee liqueur and tropical juices - perfect for an evening out on the beach!

The Bahamas has a rowdy nightclub scene, as well, making it popular with college students and backpackers as a spring break destination. To get in on some of the disco action, you’ll want to head to Nassau, where clubs like Club Waterloo (East Bay St., Nassau, New Providence Island; +1 (242) 393-7324; cater a great time and cheap cocktails to party animals.

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