Weather Bahamas

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As could be expected in any island destination, the Bahamas’ weather is warm and wonderful year-round. Though officially, the Bahamas are not located in the Caribbean Sea, the islands are still considered to be part of the Caribbean Community and enjoy a similar weather pattern to other islands further south in the Caribbean. The Bahamas’ weather is characterized by a plethora of warm sun all year round, even during the winter, when temperatures rarely drop below 17°C. During the summer, the weather in the Bahamas is comfortably warm but the temperature does not soar too high, with average highs in July and August topping out at about 32°C. Thus, the weather in the Bahamas is perfect for enjoying the islands’ numerous beaches and outdoor activities, and precipitation rarely causes problems for visitors. Be aware, though, that the Bahamas’ weather is greatly affected by the Gulf Stream and it does see hurricanes from May to September.

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